Enduro (English enduro from armor. indurare — to take out, sustain, bear) – means a wide range of use of the off-road motorcycle. Certainly, it by no means, can’t apply for the post in race on cross-country race, along with more forced, and most facilitated equipment, but after all and mission of the motorcycle of a class эндуро absolutely another. These motorcycles are created for use in the conditions of off-road, in a real environment with traficability on public roads.

Recently find the increasing popularity of competition on эндуро in which participants have to pass a certain route on the cross-country terrain literally stuffed with various obstacles which are provided by the nature. The route which there have to pass participants of competitions, can be from several tens to several hundred and even thousands of kilometers. Where each of participants and their technician, have to show the real endurance, force and ability in these tests for durability. In эндуро raids, except knowledge of management of the motorcycle, it is required also ability to overcome numerous and always the different obstacles meeting on an unknown and long route which it is impossible to remember, such as, the krossovzhky route after the first circle. Here each obstacle carries in itself a certain element of surprise reaction on which from the pilot has to be instant and only correct. Faultless passing of each of these obstacles and passing of all planned control points in the sum saves that precious time which is necessary for receiving the best result.