The ATV is externally similar to the four-wheel motorcycle. This car possesses fine passability which will outdo passability of any SUV. Not for nothing ATVs call still motor-all-terrain vehicles. The many-wheeled cross-country motorcycle in 1970 was invented by the Honda company. Then it had three wheels and agricultural purpose. In ten years the device became four-wheel and brutally fashionable among the different vacationer of the people. In the West it generated the whole family small the mototsikloobraznykh of all-terrain vehicles — there they are called by all terrain vehicles (ATV), that is vsedorozhny transport. The most successful Russian-speaking analog of this term — “motor-all-terrain vehicles”.

Why the ATV so was pleasant to all? He doesn’t demand good physical training and the specific skills necessary for the cross motorcycle. It is much more economic than a jeep from the point of view of spare parts and fuel. At last, and in it its uniqueness, it provokes on unusual cross-country recklessness. The main property of the ATV — big and extremely wide as for such small car of a tire. In them very low air pressure — ten times is less than ordinary atm for the average car 2 — 2, 5. It allows to work passability wonders. The ATV will be torn through such dirt where the caterpillar all-terrain vehicle will get stuck and where it is terrible to dzhiper even to look.

We provide to your services:

  • the all-wheel drive 2-seater Stels 500 GT ATV, due to the 2-seater extended base the ATV is steadier in turns and when overcoming difficult sites of the road. Cumulative loading capacity of 2 luggage carriers makes about 120 kg that allows to speak about it as about the full-fledged assistant in a life and economy. It can be irreplaceable for hunters and fishers and as for those who doesn’t wish to ride alone, preferring it walk together with the passenger.
  • the single Stels ATV 300 B ATV – is the utilitarian ATV which is intended for aggressive driving. It means an active driving on off road terrain, holes, boulders, gathers the maximum speed of 80 km/h, and the independent lobby and a back suspension bracket will provide a comfortable and safe driving.
  • The children’s ATV 150 ATV at it all as at the real adult: wheels, engine, wheel, brakes, alarm beep. It differs from the full-fledged adult a little bit simplified design that allowed to reduce his weight. Smaller engine capacity of the children’s ATV limits movement speed. In a word, everything here will allow the child easily and with pleasure to operate the ATV. The child will be able to feel the real driver, besides in a game form he will be able to receive skills of driving and to study the traffic regulations which knowledge will secure it on roads.