Paintball (from English Paintball — a ball with paint) – team sports and technical game with use of the pneumatic markers, shooting the fragile gelatinous balls, filled with water-soluble paint. During game two teams starting from bases in the opposite ends of a field, seek to take the flag which is in a midfield and to set up it on starting base of the opponent, having struck thus the greatest number of players of the opponent. Fields or removal by the judge violation of the rules are considered as defeat existence on the player or his equipment of a spot of paint, an exit abroad.

For safety all being in the field (players and judges) are obliged to be masked, protecting face and the head, all markers are regulated so that the speed of a departure of a ball didn’t exceed safe, in the field during game there are the judges watching observance of rules. For additional protection possibly use of quilted vests, gloves, kneecaps and elbow pieces.

As a field for game the forest or open area with natural or artificial shelters for players is used. Starting and flag bases are marked by a bright tape.

Advantages of a paintball

The paintball doesn’t demand special physical preparation and is based on simple and clear rules therefore any person allowed to exercises on a state of health can participate in game. Games happen in the fresh air and are connected with active motive loading, and there is no need of division of players on weight or age categories.

In comparison with other sports, the paintball has special appeal, as a military and sports adventure. Besides, the paintball gives the chance of controlled emission of aggression and removal of stresses. The paintball can be used as a nonconventional sport with elements of military patriotic education and preparation for service in army, education of careful attitude to the equipment and equipment and derivation of teenagers from the street.

Such possibility of a paintball as collective unity during game and identification of natural leaders – many companies (for example, IBM) use it for selection of the working groups during inside corporate tournaments is also widely used.

Paintball – is a relatively young type of extreme rest which takes leading positions in the sphere of entertainments. One of the most significant factors of a platform is its covering. We provide a platform with a natural covering (the earth, a grass, hills) which is located among trees and bushes, is equipped with artificial shelters, boards and entrenchments. Such platform as much as possible approaches to real battle which is conducted open-air. It betrays additional surroundings, realness and existence of the most unusual, natural obstacles.

One more important factor is illumination of a platform, that is there is a need correctly to hide the shadow and to watch a shadow of the opponent that only adds interest.

The size of our platform will allow to take pleasure in saturated and dense firing. The more visibility, the is easier to control game and the opponent.

The configuration of a platform is able to afford to conduct both near, and distant firing from displaced fire. On a platform there are shelters in strategically important points to which there are some approaches demanding special mobility and attention.

Tactical platforms have the big radius of visibility and possibility of firing on long distances. Our platform will allow you to feel the soldier from whom adoption of fast decisions is required, to concentration, conducting the correct strategy and tactics.