Rural tourism

Rural tourism or as it still call rural or agrarian, enjoys long ago wide popularity in Europe and America. It means rest of tourists in rural areas, accommodation in the conditions approached to rural, and even participation in agricultural works. Interest to it in the western countries is explained by small expenses and proximity to the nature. It is magnificent to spend holidays with all family, offers acquaintance to a country life, food by natural products and can be combined with various types of passive and active recreation. In the village it is possible to have a rest from city bustle, to listen to singing of birds, to take pleasure in bathing, fire and all delights of rural pastime.

The services provided within the program of rural tourism, include:

  • accommodation in a cozy guest lodge;
  • food to order from environmentally friendly products;
  • acquaintance to edge history;
  • campaigns for mushrooms and berries;
  • participation in national ceremonies;
  • participation in sheep breeding, poultry farming, preparation of forages