Snow and frosty winter – fine time to drive on snowmobiles!

Feel spirit of adventures, be loaded with energy of the wood and receive the mass of new feelings!

High speed, opportunity to pass in the most dream places of the wood which is filled up with snow and, of course, unusual beauty of the winter nature – here the main benefits of walk on snowmobiles.

We offer:
1. Hire of snowmobiles;
2. Instruction of driving of a snowmobile;
3. Driving along the ready routes different in duration and level of complexity;
4. Towage of the skier or snowboarder.
Routes are laid in picturesque places where it is possible to reach only in the winter.
Departure on a route is possible only after the personnel safety notification.
* Accomplishment of orders of the instructor is obligatory throughout a route.

Safety regulations
when driving on a snowmobile:
1. Only the persons which reached 16 years (in case of themselves to have the passport) are allowed to management of a snowmobile.
2. The children who didn’t reach 16 years can go by a snowmobile only as passengers together with parents and in the presence of their written consent.
3. Movement is performed only under the leadership of the instructor and along the routes which are specially laid for driving on snowmobiles.
4. Control of a snowmobile is exercised only in protective equipment (a helmet, glasses, gloves).
On the driver and passengers there shall be warm and convenient clothes and footwear, the heading, mittens or gloves.
5. Driving on a snowmobile as the driver or the passenger of the being able alcoholic or drug intoxication is forbidden.
6. The instructor has the right at any time to remove the participant of a tour from a route in case of violation of safety regulations by it.